Esurance is an automobile insurance company owned by Allstate that sells car insurance directly to consumers online and over the phone. Servicing almost 90 percent of the country, it has proved to be a leading competitor for GEICO and Progressive. The website was launched in 1999 and was one of the first companies to begin selling insurance via the World Wide Web, which allowed consumers to shop online and compare quotes with other companies from the comfort and convenience of their own home. Esurance has also partnered up with Progressive, Safeco, Homesite and others to offer homeowners, motorcycle and other personal lines insurance. Because you can purchase insurance online, which minimizes paperwork or any unnecessary pieces of mail you might receive just to throw away, Esurance markets itself as being an environmentally friendly company.

Esurance car insurance's website has been often referred to as being the best website to purchase insurance from. It is extremely interactive and user-friendly and allows customers, and potential customers, to quickly get rate quotes, modify coverage, purchase policies and so much more. Customers can even print out temporary insurance ID cards if need be. Many insurance companies have gone away with mailing you the permanent insurance card; however, Esurance still gives you the option to receive yours. Customer reviews have also indicated that customer support promptly responds to e-mails regarding policy issues and questions, and is readily available by phone to help in any way.

One of the biggest potential drawbacks in choosing Esurance for your car insurance needs is the many small fees and charges that may be added to your car insurance quote, which results in previously quoted premium rates being much higher than expected. Customers are also charged an additional fee for a paper billing, mailing in a check and account reviews. Cancelling a policy with Esurance may cost you hundreds of dollars because Esurance will penalize you to the maximum extent allowed in the state where the insured driver is. Depending on how much interaction you need with an insurance agent can be a deciding factor in whether or not you choose Esurance. Being that it is a company based online, you will not have a local agent. Therefore, you will not have the option of calling someone in your local area for questions or concerns. Many people still prefer to speak to an agent face to face.

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